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Junior Draper


Job title

Junior Draper

Reports to Costume Shop Manager, Production Manager


Tantrum Theater, a professional theater company associated with the City of Dublin, Ohio and Ohio University, seeks a Junior Draper to work for their summer 2018 season. May 7 –July 6

Job purpose

The Junior Draper’s primary responsibility is the alteration and implementation of the pulled and purchased designs. The junior draper will maintain Tantrum standards of production and protocol while ensuring an environment of professionalism and learning for the Company-at-Large.

This person works directly with a team that includes a stitcher and apprentices. A high level of courtesy and calm, as well as professional level of written and verbal communication is required.  A strong team player with excellent communication skills and attitude is of essence.

Duties and responsibilities

The Junior Draper shall report directly to the Shop Manager and Production Manager. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• All tasks related to being a draper for alteration of costumes as assigned

• Work directly with Guest Designers and Costume Shop Manager to ensure execution of all aspects of costume designs

• Participate actively in fittings, and shop work as needed

• Oversee alteration loads

• Anticipate and facilitate work flow through the shop in collaboration with costume shop manager

• Delegate and oversee tasks for stitchers and apprentices

• Oversee, in collaboration with costume shop manager, the completion of pulled/rented costumes for the stage. Ensure timely completion all costume elements.

• Follow all safety protocols

• Other duties as assigned


• Experience as Junior Draper required

• Minimum of 4 years’ experience in theatrical costume design and construction with a successful track record in costume draping, tailoring, construction and staff supervision

• Exceptional organizational, and time and materials estimation skills

• High degree of interpretive, interpersonal and communication skills

• Candidates must have sensitivity to the needs of staff, designers, guest artists, and student performers, and a proven ability to work well with others

Working conditions

Normal 40 hours, not to exceed 60 hours.

Days, nights and weekends as required, including but not limited to all technical and dress rehearsals. Hours required as dictated by performance schedule and needs communicated by the Production Manager, and as needed during the run of shows.

Physical requirements

The ability to use hand tools and lift and carry 30lbs is required.

Work days, evenings and weekends as required. Attend all technical and dress rehearsals. Work hours required as dictated by performance schedule, and needs communicated by the Costume Shop Manager and Production Manager during the run of shows.

Direct reports

Master Stitcher
Stitching Apprentices


$400 per week

To Apply

Please email resume with 3 references to:

Jeanette Buck
Production Manger
Tantrum Theater