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Master Electrician

Job title: Master Electrician

Reports to: Lighting and Sound Supervisor

Tantrum Theater, a professional theater company associated with the City of Dublin, Ohio and Ohio University, seeks a Master Electrician to work for their summer 2018 season. April 30–July 30 2018

Job purpose

Manage, maintain, and operate performance related electrics systems and equipment to ensure the timely and accurate realization of all lighting elements.

Duties and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Maintain the integrity of the lighting design throughout the performance period.
• Work with ALD to determine needs.
• Oversee electrician(s) during hang, changeovers, focus and strike.
• Maintain and repair lighting unit inventory, dimmers, circuits, and gel stock
• Train light board operator.
• Work with Lighting and Sound Supervisor to ensure smooth load-in, hang, focus, change-over and strike.
• Follow all safety protocols
• Other duties as assigned.


• Previous experience as a Master Electrician in a professional (preferred) or academic setting.
• Have demonstrable knowledge and experience in stage electrics and consoles.
• Have demonstrable knowledge of computer applications Vectorworks, Lightwright, and Microsoft Office suite.
• Ability to read and implement a lighting plot.

Working conditions

Days, nights and weekends as required, including but not limited to all technical and dress rehearsals. Hours required as dictated by performance schedule and needs communicated by the Production Manager and as needed during the run of shows.

This job requires high standards and a strong sense of responsibility. You should possess the ability to operate well under pressure, with a positive and dedicated problem-solving attitude. We value safe, positive, productive, and team-oriented employees.

Physical requirements

The ability to use hand tools, climb ladders, work at heights, and lift and carry 50 lbs. is required.


$600 per week

To Apply

Please email resume with 3 references to:

Jeanette Buck
Production Manger
Tantrum Theater